Remember to check the income ceiling of your tax card


For many of our members, the income ceiling of their tax card is being exceeded at the end of the year. If the income ceiling is exceeded, we have to withhold tax on your benefit according to the additional (and higher) withholding rate in your tax card. We recommend checking your revenue for the year and, if necessary, providing us with a revised tax card for benefits. You can check the amount of benefits paid by the PAM Unemployment Fund from our eServices or from your most recent payment notification.

You can request a new tax card for benefits from the Tax Administration’s MyTax service. In the service, choose ”Palvelualojen työttömyyskassa” as the payer of the benefit and the revised tax card will be delivered automatically to the Unemployment Fund. You can also contact the Tax Administration by telephone (tel. 029 497 001).

Having a revised tax card for benefits is usually recommended even in cases when the income ceiling isn’t being exceeded. With a tax card for wage income, the Unemployment Fund has to withhold a minimum tax of 25 % from benefits, as per the Tax Administration’s instructions. With a revised tax card for benefits, the Unemployment Fund withholds tax according to the revised percentage.