Membership requirements

You must be in paid employment at the time of joining the Unemployment Fund. You cannot become a member of the Unemployment Fund when you are unemployed or laid off on a full-time basis, or if you are on parental leave, unpaid sick leave or performing military service. If you are working part-time, the joining date must be a working day.

Please remember that you can only be a member of one unemployment fund at the same time. If you join the Unemployment Fund of Service Union United within one month after resigning from another fund, your employment and membership periods are transferred to us directly from the previous fund. This requires that your membership fees to the previous fund have been paid in full up to the date of your resignation.

You cannot join the Unemployment Fund if you are self-employed. You can be considered to be self-employed if you are employed in your own company or in the company of a family member or a person living in the same household of which you own a sufficiently large share. If you work in a company owned by a family member without having a personal ownership of the company, you can apply for unemployment fund membership as a paid employee.

Small scale entrepreneurship does not prevent membership of the Unemployment Fund of Service Union United. You can read more about sideline entrepreneurship for example from here.

Paying the membership fees

The amount of the membership fee is equal to all members. Fees must be paid in full even when you are unemployed, a student, on sick leave, parental leave or child care leave or performing military service.

In 2024, the membership fee is 84 euros and it must be paid in one instalment (due date on 15 February 2024). If you become a member in the middle of the year, the membership fee is determined by the remaining months (7 € / month), and the due date for the invoice is the 15th day of the month following the start of your membership.

Your membership is valid as long as you pay the membership fees by the due dates found on the invoices. Unpaid fees may lead to the termination of your membership.

When joining or leaving the Unemployment Fund in the middle of a calendar month, the membership fee will be charged for the entire month. If you end your membership in the middle of the year, you can request a refund for any calendar months during which you have not been a member.

If you are already a member of the PAM Union, your membership fee for the Unemployment Fund is included in the union membership fee.