Become a Member

Welcome to the Unemployment Fund of Service Union United!

Membership in the Unemployment Fund of Service Union United is open to all paid employees under the age of 68 who are employed at the time of joining the Fund. As a member of the Unemployment Fund you are entitled to earnings-related unemployment allowance on the basis of the Unemployment Security Act as well as other statutory benefits paid by the Fund.

Please note that if you are under 18 years old or receiving old-age pension, being an unemployment fund member is not beneficial for you. Old-age pension disqualifies you from receiving unemployment benefit, and for work performed while under 18, no unemployment insurance contribution is deducted, which means it does not accumulate the work requirement for eligibility for earnings-related daily allowance.

Membership Fee

In 2024, the membership fee is 84 euros and it must be paid in one instalment (due date on 15 February 2024). If you become a member in the middle of the year, the membership fee is determined by the remaining months (7 € / month), and the due date for the invoice is the 15th day of the month following the start of your membership.

Membership Application

You can apply for membership by filling out the electronic membership form. Alternatively, you can apply for membership by submitting a completed membership application by post to the Unemployment Fund. We will send you a written confirmation on your acceptance as a member as well as more detailed information about member rights and obligations and how to pay membership fees.

The membership starts from the date from which your membership fees are paid. However, membership can begin at the earliest from the date on which the Unemployment Fund receives your membership application.

Please read more about membership requirements from here.

Membership of the PAM Union

If you also wish to become of a member of the PAM Union, please fill out their application form here. Membership of the Unemployment Fund is included in the Union membership. In addition to unemployment benefits paid by the Unemployment Fund, Union members are entitled to comprehensive counseling services and employment advice as well as other membership benefits.