How to submit an application online

You can send an application for earnings-related allowance in the eService of the Unemployment Fund of Service Union United PAM. The system guides you how to fill the application based on your answers and offers you the right type of form to fill out.

Please note that you cannot apply for daily allowances in advance – you always apply retroactively. At earliest, you can fill out the application on the last day of your application period. You can submit your first application two weeks after the start of your unemployment. Further applications are sent in periods of either four weeks or one calendar month.

Below you can read our step-by-step instructions for filling out an earnings-related allowance application. If you need any further assistance, please call our telephone service (tel. 020 690 211, Mon-Fri from 10am to 2pm).

You can log in to our online service via the eService button in the upper right corner of the site.

You can log in to the eService with your own bank credentials, certificate card or mobile certificate. After identification, you will be redirected to the front page of the eService.

You can fill out and submit your application on the front page of eService by choosing ’Apply earnings-related allowance’.




After logging into the eService and selecting “Apply for earnings related allowance”, you will automatically be guided to answer various pre-selection questions. Choose the option that best describes your situation and press “Continue”.



If you are a first-time applicant or more than six months have passed since your last payment date, the form will be more extensive. In this case we will ask you general questions to about your current situation (Pages 1 - 4).

You can follow your progress within the form from the progress bar on the top of the form.


If you are already receiving earnings related allowance or it has been under six months since your last payment, you will be directed to fill out the shorter application form (= follow up application).

Please remember to check and update your contact information if necessary. Fill in all requested personal information carefully. You will find more detailed instructions in the eService under the '?' or the 'Instructions'-button.




Please remember to always report your business activities to both the Unemployment Fund and TE Office. The TE Office decides whether your business activity is small enough for you to be a full-time jobseeker with the TE Office and be entitled to earnings-related allowance. The Unemployment Fund makes its decision on daily benefits based on the TE Office’s statement. You can read more about the effects of self-employment on daily benefits here.

Business activities can we stated in the application. Detailed questions about business activities are asked only to those who declare in the initial selections that they are engaged in business activities on the side.


If you have started working as an entrepreneur for example through an invoicing company or are working as courier partner with Wolt or Foodora, these activities should be reported under ‘Entrepreneurship’. Hours worked as an entrepreneur are not entered in the calendar section of the application.

In your follow-up applications, your previously chosen answers will be ready by default.

In the section ‘Application period information’, indicate what you have done during the application period. You can select several choices.

For example, if you have been mainly unemployed, select the option ‘Unemployed’. If your application period has also included working days, select the appropriate option underneath. If you have had more than one employer during the application period, please enter each employer’s information seperately.


Report all paid working hours for working days in hours and minutes (e.g. 04:30, if you have worked for 4h 30min. Remember also to enter paid hours of sick and vacation time in the same table.

Please note that working hour used for side-line business activities are not reported in the application for earnings-related allowance (check the previous section 'Entrepreneurship and self-employment').

After filling in the information for each day, press the ‘Finish’ button.

Earnings-related allowance is generally adjusted on a payment basis. Payment-based adjustment means that wages paid during the application period affect your allowance regardless of when the work was done.

Earned income paid during the application period must always be informed to the Unemployment Fund. The working days and the salary must also be reported when the earning is less than the protective amount of 300/279 euros. You can read more about part-time work and earnings-related allowance here

Under 'Pay day' you can enter the salary days that occur within your application period.

If the salary is paid later, for example in the following month, select ‘Yes’ in the‘Pay day' section and indicate your estimate of the payment date. If your application period has more than one payment day, you can add them by choosing‘Add a day’.




In the 'Additional information' section you can, if necessary, supplement the information of your application with a free-form message.  

You can submit the necessary attachments to the Fund with the application or you can send them later via the ‘Send attachments’ function found on the front page of the eService. You can add a maximum of ten (10) attachments at once.

  1. Click ‘Attach a file’.
  2. Choose the file type in the dropdown menu.
  3. Click ‘Select a file’. Retrieve the file from your computer.
  4. You can add another attachment by clicking ‘Attach a file’ again. 



NOTE:  Sending more than one file at once only works if the documents have different file names. The eService does not accept several files with the same name. Please make sure to give your attachments distinct names (e.g. Pay slip 1, Pay slip 2).

If you need to attach more than ten files, you can send the required additional attachments by using ‘Send attachments’ for a second time.

You can find more detailed information about attachments needed for your first earnings-related allowance application here.

Finally, send the application to the Unemployment Fund by pressing ‘Please sign and approve’.