How to appeal

If you are dissatisfied with the decision you get, you can appeal against it. An appeal must be made in writing and sent to the unemployment fund no later than within 30 days of you being informed of the decision.

The easiest way to send an appeal is via our e-services or by secure e-mail to valitukset@pam.fi.

Your appeal must state:

  • the decision (number of decision) that you are appealing against;
  • when you received notification of the decision;
  • to what extent you are appealing against the decision;
  • what modifications you require to the decision;
  • the reasons why you are appealing against the decision;
  • your contact information for communications concerning your appeal and its processing status

Attach the documents that you refer to in your appeal, unless you have sent these to the unemployment fund earlier. You can also submit further explanations later on.

You can find further information about appealing and related deadlines in the appeal instructions attached to the decision. If necessary, you can also contact the customer service of the fund.

If the unemployment fund is unable to rectify a decision in accordance with an appeal, it forwards the appeal to the Social Security Appeal Board. Decisions by the Appeal Board can be appealed to the Insurance Court, which is the supreme and final appellate stage.

Appealing in all stages is free of charge.