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Fund administration

The main bodies of the Unemployment Fund are the Fund's annual meeting and the board.

Fund's annual meeting

Fund's annual meeting is a meeting for the members of the unemployment fund and exercises the highest decision-making power. The meeting may be an annual meeting or an extraordinary meeting convened separately. 

Board of the Fund

The Board takes care of the Fund's administration, organizes its operations and represents the Unemployment Fund of Service Union United. The Board also makes sure that the fund's affairs are handled in accordance with the law, the fund's rules and the decisions of the fund's meetings. The duties of the Board are described in more detail in the fund rules.

Board of the Unemployment Fund of Service Union United 2023-2027

Chairman of the Board: Heidi Lehikoinen
Members: Mikko Puustinen (vice chairman), Mats Eriksson and Erja Killström 
Substitutes: Tiina Kuusisto, Mari Laasio and Jani Mantere

Fund management and communication

Ilkka Nissilä, kassanjohtaja ILKKA NISSILÄ
Director of the Unemployment Fund  
Tomi-Pekka Auranen, hallintopäällikkö TOMI-PEKKA AURANEN
Director of Administration and Technology
Yrjö Katajaroutio, etuuspäällikkö YRJÖ KATAJAROUTIO
Director of Services and Human Resources


Rules of Unemployment Fund of Service Union United

Get familiar with the Unemployment Fund's rules here.

Unemployment Fund Act

Read more about the Unemployment Fund Act here.

Regulations and instructions are only available in Finnish and in Swedish.