Employment-promoting services

While receiving earnings-related daily allowance, you can develop your skills and improve your employment opportunities by participating in employment-promoting services offered by the TE Office. Participation in the services is always agreed upon with the TE office. The Unemployment Fund can pay an increased earnings component and expense compensation for the duration of employment-promoting services. For the payment, the Unemployment Fund required a statement from the TE Office.

Services promoting employment are:

  • Training in job-seeking
  • Career training
  • Work trials
  • Rehabilitative work activities
  • Labour market training
  • Self-motivated studies
  • Integration training

Participation in employment-promoting services is always agreed upon with the TE Office. Participation days, vacation periods and absences are reported to the Unemployment Fund in the daily allowance application.

You can read more about employment-promoting services from JobMarket.


The Unemployment Fund can pay an increased earnings-related component and expense allowance for the duration of employment-promoting services based on the statement from the TE office.  Expense allowance is paid for the days of participation. The increased earnings-related component is paid for the entire period of  TE service.

The increased earnings-related component is paid for a maximum of 200 days. Its amount depends on the level of your daily allowances. The increased earnings-related component is 55 % of the difference between your daily wage and the basic component (37,21 € in 2023). If your monthly wage exceeds a pivot point of 3534,95 euros, the earnings-related component is 25 % of the excess amount.  

Expense allowance is tax-free income that is paid for the duration of your participation in employment-promoting services. NOTE! You are not entitled to expense allowance during periods of self-directed studies.

Expense allowance is not paid for vacation periods or days of absence from TE services. Expense allowance is usually 9 € / day and it is paid for a maximum of five days a week. Expense allowance can be paid at an increased rate (18 € / day) if you participate in employment-promoting services outside your working area. However, this does not apply to rehabilitative work activities.

An increased expense allowance can also be paid when the service is organized in a work area outside your home municipality, and you incur accommodation costs due to participation. Documentation of accommodation costs must be presented with the application.


Always mark the days you have participated in employment-promoting services in your earnings-related allowance application. Vacation periods must also be indicated in the application and, for example, weekdays when the training is conducted. Expense allowance is not paid for vacation periods of TE services.

If you are absent from the employment-promoting service on its scheduled days, please state the reason for the absence in your application. Earnings-related allowance without expense allowance is paid for days of absence if you have been absent for an acceptable reason. Acceptable reasons include illness or illness of a child under the age of 10 (up to 4 days), a job interview or another employment-related reason comparable to this.

If your illness lasts more than 3 days, provide the Unemployment Fund with a medical certificate. If you interrupt an employment-promoting, immediately inform the TE Office.

You can find further instructions on how to complete an earnings-related allowance application here.