Application processing status

Application processing status

updated every 1h 
Total number of applications waiting processing
updated every 1h
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The first column shows the arrival date of received applications that are currently being processed by the Unemployment Fund. The information is updated every hour. The second column shows how many applications in total are still waiting to be processed. Please contact our customer service only if the arrival date of your application has passed and you have not received requests for further clarification from the Unemployment Fund. 

  • First: Your first application for earnings-related allowance or your first application after a break of over six months.
  • Adjusted: An application completed after the first application which contains working hours.
  • Renewals: An application completed after the first application by a person who is fully unemployed, laid off or in training (without working hours).

You can follow the processing status of your application in the Unemployment Fund’s eServices (Applications > Application processing tracker) . From the same page you can also check the applications you have sent to the Unemployment Fund within the past six months.

Application payment scehedule

The Unemployment Fund pays benefits every weekday, from Monday to Friday. Midweek public holidays may cause exceptions to payment schedules.

Processing of first applications starts no later than within 30 days of the date of arrival. If additional information is needed to decide on an application, we give our decision within 14 days of the date when the Fund receives all required attachments needed to make the decision.

Processing of first applications may be somewhat slower than for renewal applications because it involves checking entitlement to allowances and determining the amount of daily allowances.

The processing time for renewal applications for adjusted daily allowances is 1.5 - 3 weeks from arrival of the application.

The payment date of renewal applications that do not contain working hours depends on the day when the application reaches the Unemployment Fund. Renewal applications received via eServices that do not require additional clarifications are usually processed and paid within two weekdays of arrival.

Renewal applications must be completed according to your own application period, which is either four weeks or one month. If you are applying for a period that is different from your own application period, the application is forwarded for manual processing, which may delay payment.