Application processing status

Due to congestion, the processing times for earnings-related allowance application are currently longer than usual. This also affects response times to online messages.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. We are doing everything possible to process your applications and inquiries as soon as possible.

Application processing status

TYPE OF APPLICATION Applications currently being processed
date of arrival 
Total number of applications in line
updated every 1h
First applications
or six months since previous application
... ...
Adjusted applications
work or payment dates during the application period
... ...
Renewal applications
no work or payment dates during the application period
... ...

Please contact our customer service only if the arrival date of your own application has been passed in the processing table and you have not received a decision or a request for additional information from the Unemployment Fund.

We often receive many earnings-related applications within a short period of time. Especially at the turn of the month, a large amount of applications arrive to the Unemployment Fund every day. During these times the dates in the processing table might remain unchanged for several days.

Processing times vary by application type because different application types require a different amount of work. Applications are processed in order of arrival.

You can follow the processing status of your own application in the Unemployment Fund's eService, under "Applications / Application processing status".

You can find more detailed information below.

Please note that the estimated processing times are indicative. You can check the current processing status in the processing monitoring table above.

The processing of first applications take slightly longer than other types of applications. This is because, in addition to the required basic information, we need to check the applicant's right to earnings-related allowance as well as calculate the amount of the daily allowance. The first application is usually processed within 2-3 weeks of arrival, however no later than 30 days from the date of arrival.

The processing of an application for adjusted earnings-related allowance depends on the number of applications in the queue. Usually, the application will be processed approximately 1.5 - 3 weeks after its arrival. Earnings allowance is paid adjusted if you have received salary during the application period. Read more about the adjusted daily allowance here.

Fully unemployed continual applications are usually processed and paid for within two business days of receiving the application. The processing may take longer if there are salary payment days during the application period, if you have informed us of changes to your situation or of we need additional information.

The benefit is paid to your account approximately 1-2 business days after your application has been processed.

The Unemployment Fund pays benefits every weekday. Public holidays may cause exceptions to payment schedules. Information on unusual situations and other current issues is provided here.

We continue to process applications in progress as soon as possible after receiving all the requested additional information. Applications awaiting will automatically return to be processed once the information requested has been received.

Please complete your continual applications for full periods of four weeks or a calendar month. Applications filled for shorter or longer periods won’t get processed automatically and are instead directed to manual processing.

Send your applications regularily once a month. Gaps between application periods may increase the need for clarification requests which causes delays to the processing.

Before contacting our customer service, please consider checking our website in case you can find the answer to your question there. You can find plenty of useful information, for example, in the following sections: General information about earnings-related allowance, How to apply for earnings-related allowance and Part-time work and earnings-related allowance.

Please do not send multiple messages on the same subject or inquire about the reception of your message with a new message. Each new message launches a new chain of processing which further congestes our customer service. We reply to all messages in order of arrival.

You can read more about how to speed up the processing of applications here.

The processing time for a job alternation compensation application is approximately three weeks. The first payment is in the third week after the start of the job alternation leave. The first compensation is paid for two week. After that, the compensation is paid in four-week periods. The job alternation compensation is paid on Thursdays.

For full-time work, the processing time for a commuting and relocation allowance application is approximately three weeks. The first allowance is paid for two weeks. It is paid in the third week of employment. Subsequently, the allowance is paid in four-week periods. The commuting and relocation allowance is paid either on Tuesdays or Thursdays, depending on the situation.

For part-time work, the commuting and relocation allowance is paid retroactively once a month. The allowance is paid when the applicant has notified the Unemployment Fund of their working days either with an application or with another statement. The payment dates are Tuesdays or Thursdays, depending on the situation.

Transition security allowance is a new benefit paid by the Unemployment Fund. The processing time for a transition security allowance application is approximately two weeks. The allowance is paid on Thursdays.