Send attachments

Through our eServices

You can send attachments to the Unemployment Fund by logging in to our eServices and by clicking "Send attachments". Through our eServices, you can also fill your earnings-related allowance application, check payment dates and send messages to the Unemployment Fund.

To speed up the processing of applications, we recommend members of the Unemployment Fund to send attachments through our eServices.

Via the Send Attachments feature

Members and employers can also send attachments without logging in to the eService via the Send Attachments feature. The attachments must be in the following file types: pdf, tif, tiff, png, gif, jpeg or jpg.

Via secured e-mail

If you are unable to use our eServices or the Send Attachments feature or if your attachments are in other file types (such as Word or Excel), you can send attachments via e-mail to kassa@pam.fi.

If the attachments include personal information (social security number etc.), we recommend sending them securely via PAM's secured e-mail (use kassa@pam.fi as the recipient of the message).

By post

Paper applications and attachments can be sent by post to the following address: Palvelualojen työttömyyskassa, PL 93, 00531 Helsinki.