How to speed up the processing of applications?


Sometimes the PAM Unemployment Fund receives a large amount of applications within a short period of time. This may cause longer processing times for applications and customer service. Especially the turn-of-the-month period tends to get crowded.

You can help us shorten our processing times during hasty periods by taking into consideration the following checklist:

  • Please complete your applications for full periods of four weeks or a calendar month. Applications filled for shorter or longer periods won’t get processed automatically and are instead directed to manual processing.
  • Send your applications regularily once a month. Gaps between application periods may increase the need for clarification requests which causes delays to the processing.
  • Please remember that you can apply for earnings-related allowance for a maximum of three month retroactively.
  • You can send your follow-up application to the Unemployment Fund even if your first application is still being processed.
  • Before contacting our customer service, please consider checking our website in case you can find the answer to your question there.
  • Please do not send multiple messages on the same subject or inquire about the reception of your message with a new message. Each new message launches a new chain of processing which further congestes our customer service. We reply to all messages in order of arrival.
  • If your earnings exceed the protected amount of your application period (279 or 300 euros), please remember to indicate this in your application (under ’Pay Day’).

You can check the application processing status here.