Membership of the unemployment fund and how to join

Joining as an employee

Any paid employee under the age of 68 years who is covered by the scope of the Unemployment Security Act can be a member of PAM Unemployment Fund. A paid employee is a wage earner whose income can be considered to be based on wage income from work performed for another party. You must be in work at the time you join. You cannot, therefore, join if, on a full-time basis, you are unemployed or are laid off, are on unpaid sick leave or parental leave or are performing military service. 

Self-employed cannot join

You cannot join the fund if you are self-employed. A person who is employed in their own company or the company of a family member or person living in the same household and who owns a sufficiently large share of the company can also be considered self-employed. If you work in a company owned by a family member but you do not yourself own a share of it, you are not a self-employed person within the meaning of the Unemployment Security Act.

Membership only in one fund at the time

Fund members cannot be members of another unemployment fund at the same time. If you join PAM Unemployment Fund having resigned from another fund within less than one month, your employment and membership periods are transferred directly from the previous wage earners’ fund to PAM Unemployment Fund. Transfer of employment and membership periods also requires that your membership fees in the previous unemployment fund have been paid up to the time of resignation.

When you apply to join PAM Unemployment Fund, if you want you can also authorise us to make the notice of resignation to the previous unemployment fund on your behalf. Then you do not need to notify your resignation yourself.

Membership application

Membership of the fund is applied for in writing. You do not need to send an application if you also joined the unemployment fund when you joined the trade union. If you want to join the unemployment fund only, apply for fund membership using this form: unemployment fund membership application.

If you are a member of the unemployment fund only, you cannot get advice with employment problems, a trade union membership card, the PAM newsletter or other union membership benefits. Membership of the fund begins from the day from which membership fees have been paid, but at the earliest from the day when your written membership application has reached the fund. You receive a confirmation when your membership starts.

Membership fee

The PAM Unemployment Fund membership fee in 2022 is 120 euros. If you are a member of the trade union, the trade union’s membership fee includes the membership fee of the fund. The amount of only Unemployment Fund membership fee is the same for everyone and needs to be paid whether you are unemployed, studying, on maternity leave or in military service. This way you will make sure that your membership and working history will be preserved.You can read more about trade union and unemployment fund membership fees for 2022 here.