What to do in case of a lay-off?


Worsening corona situation causes lay-offs at least in restaurant sector

Due to the increasing amount of Covid-19 cases, new restrictions have been imposed on restaurant sector among others. This could lead to increased lay-offs among our members. We are closely monitoring the situation and preparing for a possible increase in the number of the applications. Currently the processing times are very good and we try to keep them moderate in the future as well.

By following the instructions below, you help us to get your application processed as quickly as possible.

In case of a lay-off, follow these instructions:

  1. Contact the TE-office and register as a full-time job seeker.
  2. Our members can check the guidelines on applying for the earnings-related allowance from the applicant’s checklist.
  3. You can send the first application after two weeks of unemployment. You cannot apply for the allowance in advance – you always apply retrospectively. After the first application, apply for the earnings-related allowance in every 4 weeks or a month at a time. Applications for part-time layoffs or part-time work must follow the wage payment period. Send as an attachment to your first application, your job contract and the lay-off notice you have received from your employer.
  4. If changes (such as the ending of the layoff; or more work is offered) occur in your situation, you must always inform the TE-office so that The Unemployment Fund has a current statement from them.

The applications are processed in the order of arrival. 

Find more information about how to apply here and more information about the earnings-related allowance in case of a lay-off here. Processing times for applications are on the home page and under “Application processing status”.