Our membership fee decreases to 84 euros for 2023


In 2023, the membership fee of the Unemployment Fund of Service Union United is 84 euros for the whole year. Therefore, the membership fee for the upcoming year is 30 percent lower than in 2022 (120 €). The Financial Supervisory Authority confirmed the 2023 membership fee on 19 October 2022.

The membership fee can be paid for the whole year at once or alternatively in four separate payments (4 x 21 €).

Employees from all sectors are welcome to join the Unemployment Fund of Service Union United. Members are entitled to earnings-related unemployment allowance on the basis of the Unemployment Security Act as well as other statutory benefits paid by the Fund. You can read more about Fund membership here.

New electronic membership application

We have also introduced a new electronic membership application which makes it easier to join the Unemployment Fund as an individual member.

If you also wish to become a member of the PAM Union, please fill out their application form here. The Union’s membership fee is 1,5 % of your gross salary and it includes the membership fee for the Unemployment Fund. In addition to the benefits paid by the Unemployment Fund, Union members are entitled to comprehensive counseling services and employment advice as well as other membership benefits.